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About David Mejia

Two things I was told in my life define who I am and who I strive to be.  The first made me try my hardest at everything I ever attempted.  My father would tell me if you’re going to do something do it as well as if you had to put your name on it because no matter how well or how bad it turns out at least you’ll always be proud of what you did.  

The second I was told by an Alumni of the Citadel in South Carolina who picked me up from a train station on my way to see the football coach about my scholarship.  We got in the car buckled up and he leaned over and says to me if you don’t learn one other thing from this trip today learn what I am about to say and burn in your memory.  If you are sitting in my car it because someone thought you were special but you don’t need anyone but yourself to know it.  When you see a man look him in eye, smirk and inside say to yourself anything you can do I can do... and maybe even better! He then flashed me a million dollar smile and we sped off in his Rolls Royce.  The gentlemen I met was a former CEO of a huge company I was to astonished and too nervous at the time to remember and had just retired as a congressman.  

I am a San Diego native. Except for my time in the military (9 years between the USMC and Army), I have lived in San Diego all my life. I am a graduate of Chula Vista High School. While at San Diego State University and together with UCSD and University of Utah I competed on an international level in research competitions on the subject of robotic prosthetics while a pre-med student until the wars broke out.  That period of my life ended with a degree in Biology/ neurokinetic biomechanical engineering and flag on my wall with an inscription that says Soldier of the year 40th Mechanized Infantry Division. Unfortunately/ fortunately I was gone so long that I lost my UCSD medical school scholarship and decided to go into real estate during the boom.

I am the Managing Director of my own Real Estate Brokerage now and along the way I have benefited from the tutelage of experts in many niche fields as I moved from company to company trying to amass the knowledge necessary to be the Broker my clients and Agents needed.

My very first sale in real estate was a million dollar home in Rancho Jamul Estates. My most expensive sale has been a 10,500 SQFT estate home sitting on almost 7 acres in Rancho Santa Fe.  Today I have participated in over TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS of real estate. My clients expect privacy, unbiased dependable informed opinions, and most importantly results.

I mostly deal with affluent clientele and their attorneys, and an occasional politician or three so I understand busy professionals want a great home they can brag about getting a great deal on. I also understand that doesn’t mean you want to see a million homes and wait 6 months to find it. I explain the process and go over the contract and the area recent sales when we first meet so that you can spot a good deal when you hear one. When we find the perfect home you will be prepared to act quickly and knowledgeably.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego I have the experience, know-how, tenacity, and the established connections to produce results.